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We Understand the Challenge
Indie Filmmakers Face

Our Commitment to Help You Make Your Film

Our Mission is to produce positive, powerful human stories. Our goal is to bring under or unrepresented voices to the global cinema. The production process allows for the sharing of ideas and awareness of diverse cultures while participants and locals gain from cross cultural contact and educational experiences. It is also dedicated to creating educational opportunities. Original feature films are produced by the company along with a companion documentary. As part of the production process, the company constructs projects that provide the crew with cross-cultural experiences. Technical training is provided for local media artists to support future growth.



We Want to Make it Easier for
Independent Stories to Reach
their Audience

Our Indie Filmmaking Background

In the summer of 2006, we took an 18-member crew from Mesa, Arizona to Zambia, Africa to shoot two films. BAD TIMING, Zambia’s first dramatic narrative feature film was based on a Zambian stage play by the same name. The film was directed by Zambian Jabbes Mvula and featured an all-Zambian cast. HUSHED VOICES, a documentary about the crew’s experiences while filming in Zambia, the people they met and the impact the experience had on their lives was shot at the same time.

BowmanGreeningAs a result of this experience, our company was created and is based on the business model Cyndi Greening and Pamela Bowman discovered during this collaboration. They are now committed to doing many similar projects throughout the world and in the U.S. The model is to tell narratives of personal triumph amidst hardships, prejudice, and personal challenges by persons from nations that are currently unrepresented in the global cinema. The model also recognizes the potential for the participants to be educated within that culture and the opportunity for locals of the area to participate and be educated in the filmmaking experience. The success of completing the African films has been a life-altering experience for the crew, cast and producers of these films. We want to support the efforts of others.




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