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From Script to Sundance

Three-DVD set covering everything you need to know to produce and market your own independent feature film. Topics include story development, funding, casting, recommended equipment, editing, music and the film festival circuit.

Secrets of Indie Success

Follow-up to From Script to Sundance.
This three-DVD set focuses on the more sophisticated aspects of independent film production including lighting, camera movement, piercing the “observer” boundary, directing and international distribution.

Twelve DV Quickies

Twelve three-minute quick tricks that will immediately improve the quality of your digital video programs. Topics include color correction, sound sweetening, titles and text, managing input resolution, output for DVD mastering and web streaming, archiving and media management.

Feature Film Funding & Distribution

The program that shows you the money. Various funding models are explained including non-profit funding, for profit investing, bootstrapping and pre-sales. Post-production topics include theatrical distribution, broadcast, cable, DVD and internet distribution.

Color Correction for DV & Print

This program picks up where the Twelve Quickies leaves off. Sophisticated color management for HD/digital video is demonstrated along with grayscale and color enhancement for commercial print images.

Editing Masterclass

Advanced post-production techniques including green screening, garbage mattes, stabilization, rotoscoping, 3D and 2D image compositing, credit sequences and motion graphics integration. Output pipeline is explained.