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The purpose of the podcasts and vCasts on this page is to provide valuable, firsthand, inside information to independent filmmakers. The PODCASTS offer in-depth interviews with indie filmmakers on their process, their secrets and their successes. The VIDEOCASTS give a glimpse at how indie filmmakers handle the festival experience. Many of the vCasts (but not all) on this page were recorded at previous Sundance Film Festivals. A few also come from SXSW and Tribeca. With luck, Toronto, Telluride and Berlin will be added this year. Upon viewing the material, you may find yourself wanting to pursue indie filmmaking more aggressively. Visit FREE From Script to Sundance for tools to speed your success.



5th World - Blackhorse Lowe's Sundance Film

ActingCraft - Naomi Watts on Acting

Adam Scarimbolo - Actor on Sundance Film

Adam Scarimbolo - Small download

Alec NYC - Alec in the Big Apple

Animation - Q&A on Sundance Shorts

Animation - Small download

Carnivale Credits - HBO Series opening

Chapter 27 - Sundance Q&A with Jared Leto

Chapter 27 - Small download

Come Early Morning - Sundance Q&A w/ Judd

Come Early Morning - Small download

Creative Indie Panel Discussion at Sundance

Creative Indie Panel - Small download

Enemies of Happiness - Sundance Q&A

Enemies of Happiness - Small download

Eve and the Firehorse - Trailer

Guide to Recognizing Your Saints - Sundance

Guide to Recognizing Your Saints - Small

Heart_of_Africa_- Short Film on Zambia

Heart_of_Africa_- Small download

Napoleon Dynamite at Sundance - Heder & Hess

Napoleon Dynamite - Small download

Hustle And Flow at Sundance - Q&A

Hustle And Flow - Small download

In The Pit - Sundance Documentary

In The Pit - Small download

Jabbes Mvula, My Journey

Jabbes Mvula, Original Digital Story

Main Street on Sundance - See the Scene


Eve and the Firehorse Podcast

Colin Boyd on Zambian Films Podcast

Secrets to Attending Sundance Podcast

How to Get Festival Programmed Podcast

Auditioning Tips for Actors Podcast

Israel Ehrisman on Festival Programming Podcast

Sundance from the Teen POV Podcast

Mike Luciano on Spurlock's 30 Days Podcast

Truby Method of Screenwriting Podcast

Paul DeNigris on Low Budget Effects Podcast

Cruise Speilberg_WOTW Podcast

Her Minor Thing Podcast

Emanuel Levy Podcast

Mike Curtis One Podcast

Mike Curtis Two Podcast

Mike Curtis Three Podcast

Teaching Yourself Filmmaking Podcast

Campfire Film Zambia One Podcast

Campfire Film Zambia Two Podcast

Film Zambia One Podcast

Film Zambia Two Podcast

Film Zambia Three Podcast

Film Zambia Four Podcast

Film Zambia Five Podcast

Danny Boyle on Millions Podcast



Nanking at Sundance - Documentary

Nanking - Small download

Nanking Press Party at Sundance

Nanking Press Party - Small download

Never Forever at Sundance - Q&A

Never Forever - Small download

Off the Black at Sundance - Q&A

Off the Black - Small download

Padre Nuestro at Sundance - Q&A

Padre Nuestro - Small download

Puccini for Beginners at Queer Lounge

Puccini for Beginners at Queer Lounge - Small

Puccini for Beginners at Sundance - Q&A

Puccini for Beginners at Sundance - Small

Puccini for Beginners Case Study - at Sundance

Puccini for Beginners Case Study - Small

Saving Face at Sundance - Part One

Saving Face at Sundance - Part Two

Shigeko Speaks White Light / Black Rain

Shigeko Speaks White Light / Black Rain - Small

Shopsins - Documentary at Sundance

Shorts III at Sundance - Q&A

Shorts III at Sundance - Small

Somebodies at Sundance - Q&A

Somebodies at Sundance - Small

Sony XDCAM Review at Sundance

Sony XDCAM Review - Small

Sony HVRZ1 Review at Sundance

Sony HVRZ1 - Medium download

Sony HVRZ1 - Small download

Soups at Shopsins -Visual treat

TV Junkies Documentary at Sundance - Signs

TV Junkies Documentary - Small

Wristcutters at Sundance - Q&A

Wristcutters at Sundance - Small download