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“ The Inside Scoop: Sundance ”
Cyndi Greening interviewing Karen Copeland
about attending the Sundance Film Festival

As a college professor, I am most comfortable sharing what I know verbally (writing just takes so darn long)! So, I've decided to try PODCASTING to see if people find it useful and interesting. (I'm working on a Photoshop video tutorial textbook that is KILLING me because it all has to written out first, then recorded in bits and chunked together. I'd so much rather just record what I do. I'm hoping this podcast adventure is easier and more satisfying!)

Regardless, the first podcast is about 25 minutes long. Austin, the Editor of Cinema Minima will be setting the podcast RSS/XML link on the CM homepage. Until then, you can download the MP3 file and see what you think of this new format. (Since it's an audio file, it's very large (6MB) so you'll have to be patient. To download it to your computer and listen to it later, right click and "SAVE TARGET AS" ... otherwise, it will stream and play in the browser immediately.)

Show details

Interviewer Karen Copeland discusses attending the Sundance Film Festival with Sundance veteran Cyndi Greening. Greening has been a Sundance attendee since 1996.

Why go to Sundance? Breadth of films, cream of crop, movers & shakers

How can you go to Sundance?
Visit website (festival.sundance.org) in October to determine dates, purchases passes, read about events, find out what is new and different.

Passes versus Wait Listing
Wait listing is less expensive and you get to meet filmmakers, actors and soon-to-be-discovered people in line; wait listing is riskier, passes guarantee films; passes range from $200 to $2500; hospitality center and some events for passholders only; other events (like Music Cafe) open to everyone.

Festival Programmers very important. Stay tuned for upcoming podcast on Festival Programmers.

Nuts & Bolts
Park City is small mountain town 20 minutes from Salt Lake City; 28,000 people come in for the festival; free shuttle runs in town; choose larger venues like Eccles for better chance at desired films; restaurants can have long lines at traditional meal times.

Getting to Parties is a matter of finding someone who knows about the party and invites you.

Memorize Faces of filmmakers for spontaneous networking opportunities.

Read the Catalog! What to see, who is going to be there, first screening in Park City is most important because likely to have chance to network with filmmakers.

Question & Answer Sessions incredibly valuable; leave room between films.

Avoid autograph hunting, groupie and/or wannabe behavior.

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