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“ Auditioning: What To Do and What Not To Do ”
Karen Copeland interview with Lucas Alifano

Show Details (Easter Sunday, March 27th, 2005)

I've been down and out for the week but the weekly podcast has been saved by Karen Copeland, host of The Voice of Experience! She graciously interviewed actor Lucas Alifano about audition strategies. MFA student at the National Conservatory, Alifano has a perfect 100% record for being cast in the roles for which he auditions. He shares his thoughts on why he is (knock on wood) generally successful!

Next week, I hope to be back on the mend. I was scheduled to interview festival programmer Israel Ehrisman this week (but just couldn't get up enough steam to do it). I've also got another interview regarding Sundance from the teen perspective that's almost ready. The biggest challenge to getting the podcasts ready and keeping the blog updated (besides just getting healthy again) is that the annual MCC Student Art Show goes up this week. It's an incredible amount of work but it's tremendously valuable for the students, so we keep putting it on. We'll have to see what next weekend brings.

Regardless, my sincere thanks to Karen and Lucas for generating some great audio material for this week!


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