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“ The Big Picture ”
101.5 FM DJ Colin Boyd interview with
Cyndi Greening and Jabbes Mvula

By Cyndi Greening. Phoenix, Arizona USA (indieWIRE: 18 June 2006) -- Film critic Colin Boyd interviews Jabbes Mvula and Cynthia Greening about filmmaking in Zambia. Greening will produce and Mvula will direct BAD T!MING, the first dramatic narrative feature film to be shot in Zambia. Simultaneously, they will produce VOICE OF AN AFRICAN NATION, a documentary about the making of that feature and the establishment of the film industry in Zambia.

BAD T!MING is the story of Chiku, a respected Zambian social activist who is invited to lead the U.N. Task Force to investigate and improve the future of the African Child. As the head of Children’s Paradise, an organization that cares for orphans in the Zambian capital of Lusaka, Chiku is well suited for the task. Chiku is respected by his peers and loved by the many children in his care. During this period, Chiku is also preparing for his wedding. The son of a Ngoni chief, he is to marry Mutinta, the daughter of a Tonga leader. First, Chiku must visit the bride’s village located near Victoria Falls to make the marriage arrangements with her father. Shortly before he marries, Chiku is seduced by a seemingly innocent neighborhood girl. When the police come to arrest Chiku at his wedding, his bride is horrified to discover that the young woman has accused her new husband of rape. Wanting to avoid a life sentence in prison, Chiku begins an epic struggle to restore himself personally and professionally. A tale of failure, corruption, forgiveness and redemption, BAD T!MING reveals the rich culture and social interactions of contemporary Zambians, set against the rich backdrop of Zambian countryside.

The documentary, VOICE OF AN AFRICAN NATION, will explore the educational and creative journey of Jabbes Mvula from Zambian National Broadcast to Arizona, and it will reveal the cultural exchange that occurs between Americans and Zambians. The film crew is comprised of students and faculty from MCC, where Mvula studied filmmaking. The documentary follows them from their relatively affluent, predominantly white community to this economically challenged nation in Africa. It will explain the efforts of Greening and MCC faculty to provide digital filmmaking training and technology to Zambian producers, directors and teachers.

Mesa Community College, located in Mesa, Arizona, has granted the Media Arts faculty the use of their high-definition cameras, lens packages, production lighting kits, audio production equipment and state-of-the-art editing equipment for the production of Mvula’s film and Greening’s documentary. By making these two compelling and exciting high-definition films, Mvula and Greening intend to accomplish several goals. They hope to bring the stories and the voice of a previously unrepresented African nation to the global cinema. They are committed that their efforts support the growth of film industry in Zambia. Through the films, they intend to reveal the beauty of Zambian regions for potential tourists, visitors and investors. With such a varied landscape and rich culture to offer international and native filmmakers, this joint venture promises growth and expansion for all parties involved.


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