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“ Millions ” Director Danny Boyle

Fox Searchlight has posted the Danny Boyle Weekend Read which includes a terrific 5 minute Danny Boyle Podcast about his effort to make and distribute MILLIONS. MILLIONS is the story of what happens when two orphaned boys find a suitcase of money. Boyle refers to MILLIONS as SHALLOW GRAVE for children.

I'm particularly fond of Boyle's low-budget, digital feature 28 DAYS LATER. It's sort of a darker, grittier, the logical extreme of Terry Gilliam's 12 MONKEYS. One of my favorite things in the film is Toby Sedgwick's infected priest. On the Sundance Channel, there was an ANATOMY OF A SCENE episode in which Sedgwick shared how he developed the chaotic body movement of the character. It's worth watching just to see what he does with that character.

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