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“ The Independent Film Movement in American Cinema ”
Cyndi Greening interview with Emanuel Levy

3 August 2005 / Show Details
  • the growing popularity of documentary/non-fiction films and his new book, Michael
    Moore and the New American Documentaries

  • the polarized political climate and how it drives desire for more in-depth
    and issue based films like OUTFOXED,

  • the inspirational nature of real-life heroes ( like those in MURDERBALL)
    rather than momentary uplift of reel characters

  • motivation for young film students to choose documentary filmmaking because
    now possible to make a living in non-fiction film (like the wildly successful
    which, according to Box
    Office Mojo
    , has earned $17,645,632 as of August 3, 2007)

  • value of attending film school to enhance chances of success

  • loss of communal film experience because so many people are watching film
    on DVD instead of going to the theatre

  • his experience as a jurist in the 2003 Sundance
    Film Festival

  • Palm Springs International
    Film Festival
    Emphasis on Foreign Language Film

  • both Cyndi and Emanuel discuss their love of Foreign Language Films and
    how American Independent Cinema is further marginalizing that genre

  • his education in French Cinema of the late 70's and 80's

  • he recommends the Ingmar Bergman SARABAND
    currently in release

  • Cyndi and Emanuel discuss the wonderful films IN
    and 2046
    by director Wong Karwai (including his next film, THE
    starring Nicole Kidman)

  • upcoming release of book on director Vincent Minnelli, father of Liza, spouse
    of Judy Garland

  • as was discussed in his book Cinema
    of Outsiders: The Rise of Independent Film
    , Levy talks about how Sundance
    was instrumental in starting Gay Cinema/Queer Cinema movement but with television
    programs like WILL & GRACE, QUEER AS FOLK, and THE L WORD, one is no longer forced to make an ultra-low budget movie simply because the main characters
    are gay or lesbian

  • that the societal backlash against gay marriage does not effect films with
    gay characters or themes; nor books by gay authors or with gay themes

  • an exciting time in cinema because the "right" actress can get
    a film the greenlight (from his article Women
    on Top: How Female Stars Have Conquered Hollywood

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