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“ Her Minor Thing ”
Cyndi Greening interview with Jim Meyers

(14 July 2005) Screenwriter/Producer Jim Meyers talks at length about the process of making and distributing his independent film HER MINOR THING. A romantic comedy starring eight terrific comedic talents including Estella Warren, Christian Kane, Michael Weatherly, Rachel Dratch, Victoria Jackson, and Kathy Griffin. Among the things Jim discusses

  • Casting information and key talent of HER MINOR THING.
  • Film Festival circuit beginning with Seattle International Film Festival
  • Role and value of Producer's Reps in distribution cycle
  • Value of working as a studio Reader and Reading Unproduced Scripts
  • Working with a co-writer and character emphasis
  • Challenges of having Editor, Producer/Writer and Director in different cities during editing process.
    Jessica Condon, Editor of DOPAMINE also edited HER MINOR THING
    Charlie Matthau, son of Walter Matthau and director of HER MINOR THING
  • Shot in Sacramento give film unique location and new visual backdrop rather than common LA sites
  • Support from citizens of Sacramento and financial investment by Sacramento

Jim cites common script errors for beginning writers:

  • Uninteresting or unlikeable main character
  • No real main character, story not told from main point of view
  • Second act is weak, long, and/or languishing
  • Scripts not developed well enough
  • Writers rush their scripts into production

Jim's recommendation for producing a successful film:

  • Learn as much as you can from everyone else
  • Write a wonderful script; write a commercial script
  • Attract funding with commercial script
  • Get terrific, known, name talent to attract audience

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