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“ The Inside Scoop: Part 1 ”
Cyndi Greening interview with Mike Curtis

By Cyndi Greening. Phoenix, Arizona USA (Cinema Minima: 28 August 2005) -- HD and Post Producton Expert MIKE CURTIS of HD for Indies discusses a number of topics of great interest to the independent filmmaker. A frequent panelist at SXSW Film Festival in Austin, Mike offers great insight and detail on high-definition specs, film deliverables and DV/HDV cameras. This excellent podcast covers ...

  • Various Flavors of HD

  • Various Resolutions of HD

    • 720p = 1280x720

    • 1080i or 1080p = 1920x1080

  • Currently, Panasonic Varicam Camera very popular 720p

  • Progressive versus Interlaced

    • (p) = Progressive; whole frame at once, more like film

    • (i) = Interlaced; every other line, traditionally for broadcast video

  • Early Canon XL2 and Sony DVX100A conversions from 30i
    to 24p possible but lossy

  • Also, other considerations must be in place, cannot change frame rate and
    so on

As an independent filmmaker, where to begin thinking?

  • Where do you want to go with this? What do you want for a deliverable?

  • Sony HDR-FX1 and Sony HVR-Z1U reasonably
    priced cameras for independent filmmakers

    • HVR-Z1U offers better controls and better inputs (XLR
      for audio) and better post-production options like true timecode.

    • Also, HVR-Z1U records at both 50i (interlaced) PAL and 60i NTSC frames
      per second allowing for PAL interlaced recording, converted to 24 progressive
      with a slight speed change

  • Comparison between higher end Sony F900 ($100,000 camera)
    and inexpensive camera; sensor, lenses, recording formats, latitude and sensivity

  • Discussion about Panasonic SDX900, larger sensor, 24p,
    better light latitude, uses DVCPro50

  • In Mike's opinion, the best low budget cameras:

    • Sony PD170, Sony PD150

    • Canon XL2

    • Panasonic DVX 100A

  • HD for Indies Five
    Camera Shoot
    and Comments
    & Pictures

  • Post Production Tools for DV and HDV

    • Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Express, AVID and AVID Express editing

    • AJ and Black Magic DV input cards

    • F900 camera editing challenges because of cost of converting HDCAM to

    • Challenges with FAST storage

  • Right Camera, Right Editing System, Final Deliverable

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