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“ The Inside Scoop: John Truby's Seven Step Story Structure ”
Karen Copeland interview with Cyndi Greening

(24 April 2005) Karen Copeland and Cyndi Greening discuss they seven key steps to an effective screenplay using the TRUBY METHOD.

  • Key steps are described and examples given in well-known films
    1. Problem/Need - Problems (known and unknown) to the character at the start of the script
    2. Desire Line - Yes or No Question about the outcome; the track the audience rides on
    3. Plan - Hero's decision about how to solve the problem; must fail
    4. Battle - Difficult and painful for hero; irrevocably altered
    5. Self-Revelation - What the hero discovers about how he's been behaving
    6. New Equilibrium - Hero is left at higher (or lower) point at the end
  • Purpose of B and C storylines
  • Common structure mistakes that new screenwriters/filmmakers make

You can find out more about John Truby at Truby.Com

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